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The Bearded American Infidel Cap & Apparel

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We've got a new line already in the works.  NFIDEL or Bearded Nfidel shirts and decals are already in production and our new cap is available now!  This line of products is just another in our ways of throwing it in the face of ISIS.  They hate us because they ain't us and want to kill us all.  Some of us are willing to wear the apparel that says "Here I am!"  

Most of us that use the term are combat veterans and appreciate the badass throw it in your face military apparel.  Get your flex fit cap today, it comes in two comfortable sizes and keep your eyes open for the shirts and decals coming soon!  https://www.fearlessnation.us/products/nfidel-cap-bearded-infidel  Oh, and if you like this you might really like our Stateside CTU shirts and caps too.

Hey ISIS...  We're waiting for you!


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